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Course Guru

CourseGuru is a website that allows students from Universities across Ontario to comment on all courses offered at the University. Students can rate the courses and provide feedback for other students to use while selecting their future courses.

We created a way for students to express their feelings towards courses they have taken


To provide students with a way to easily make a comment on a course they previously have taken. The challenge is also to provide other students with a way to find courses in which they can find out the truth behind the course description.



Front + Back-End Development
Site Design
UX/UI Design
Brand Stategy


We built a site that allows students to share their experiences with others through making comments. The website expanded from one university (University of Guelph) to over 10 universities across Ontario. This expansion has made it easier for thousands of students to rate and comment on their university courses.


web design, ui design, school, courses, social media, brand strategy